does tomato juice cause kidney stones

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  • Do Tomatoes cause kidney stones?

  • Dr. Aditya Pradhan, Senior Consultant and Urologist, BLK Super Specialty Hospital, says that it is a myth that tomatoes can cause kidney stones. Kidney stones are usually caused when you eat foods that are rich in oxalate. Tomatoes contain oxalate, but the quantity is not so high that it can lead to kidney stones.

  • Why do tomatoes have oxalate stones?

  • The oxalate stones are formed due to tomatoes. Tomatoes are one of the many reasons. They supply oxalates which is why the stones form. But that is not so relevant for everyone. If the tomatoes are cooked properly, they are safe enough to be eaten.

  • What drinks can cause kidney stones?

  • A study published by the National Institutes of Health indicated that those who drink soda regularly have a 23% higher chance of developing kidney stones. Drinks high in sugar and other ingredients aren鈥檛 hydrating enough to let your body flush effectively. 4. Salt Do you remember that calcium oxalate stones occur most frequently?

  • Are tomatoes good for kidney disease?

  • Since tomatoes are high in potassium content, they are usually avoided by those with kidney disease to keep potassium levels to the minimum. 10 For everyone else, tomatoes are a great source of nutrition and eating them as part of a complete balanced diet is as good an idea as any.

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