does strep cause tonsil stones

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  • Do you have tonsil stones or strep throat?

  • White blotches or streaks are most likely a symptom of strep throat. The symptoms you鈥檒l experience when dealing with either tonsil stones or strep throat should be a clear way to tell the difference between the two. The Symptoms of Tonsil Stones: The #1 most common symptom is bad breath.

  • What are tonsil stones and what causes them?

  • Unlike the flat, white patches caused by strep throat; tonsil stones can be seen protruding from the crevices that cover the tonsils (known as the tonsil crypts). It鈥檚 possible for tonsil stones to cover both tonsils, but this isn鈥檛 usually the case.

  • Can strep throat cause ear infections?

  • Strep Throat is an infection of the tissues inside the throat by Streptococcus bacteria, usually causing pain, discomfort, fever, and difficulty swallowing. Interestingly enough, one of the results of having a bacterial infection with the tonsils or throat can also lead to ear infections.

  • What is the difference between tonsillitis and strep throat?

  • According to the Mayo Clinic, while tonsillitis can be caused by group A streptococcus, the same bacterium that causes strep throat, it can also be caused by other strains of strep and other bacteria.

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