does rosetta stone have romanian

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  • Is Rosetta Stone worth it?

  • Rosetta Stone works better with languages that are similar to English, and it falls flat with languages that have little in common with the English language. Rosetta Stone isn鈥檛 as expensive as it used to be, but it鈥檚 still a bit more expensive than a lot of language learning courses.

  • What language is the Rosetta stone inscribed in?

  • The Rosetta Stone is inscribed in 3 languages: 1 Demotic (the everyday script, used to write documents), 2 Greek (the language of Ionian Greeks, an administrative script), and 3 Hieroglyphs (for priestly business).

  • What is the Rosetta Stone method?

  • Summary: Rosetta Stone is a language learning software that is now also available through an online subscription. The Rosetta Stone method uses zero English to teach you a foreign language. Instead it relies heavily on pictures and audio to teach you through context rather than translation.

  • Where was the Rosetta Stone sent to Egypt?

  • It was sent to the Institut d’Egypte in Cairo and then taken to London in 1802. The British Museum describes the Rosetta Stone as a priestly decree affirming the cult of 13-year-old Ptolemy V. The Rosetta Stone tells of an agreement between Egyptian priests and the pharaoh on March 27, 196 B.C.

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