does roger stone have a nixon tattoo

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Stone has a portrait of a smiling Richard Nixon tattooed on his upper back,below his neck. Stone got the tattoo at a shop in Venice Beach in California and told The New Yorker that 鈥渨omen love it.

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  • Does Roger Stone have a tattoo?

  • According to Stone, the tattoo is a major hit. In his unfortunately memorable words, ladies love to hear him say, 鈥淵ou鈥檒l never meet another man with a dick in the front and a Dick in the back.鈥?Wild quotes like that are just one more reason that Stone is a fascinating figure no matter what your politics are!

  • Why did Donald Stone get Nixon鈥檚 Tattoo?

  • Stone told MSNBC鈥檚 Chris Hayes that he admired Nixon鈥檚 resilience and that the tattoo was a daily reminder that 鈥渨hen you get knocked down, when things don`t go your way, when you`re defeated, you got to get up and fight again.

  • Is this a real picture of Roger Stone with Nixon?

  • The picture is real and was captured by photographer Platon and was featured for a profile of the GOP operative published by The New Yorker in 2008: Although Stone shares many of Nixon鈥檚 resentments, his own tastes have always tended to more Rabelaisian pleasures than 鈥渃hampagne music鈥?and Salisbury steak.

  • How did Roger Stone get involved in politics?

  • Stone’s admiration for Nixon is nearly as old as his career in Washington. At 19, having moved to D.C. and becoming fascinated by politics, Stone took on a pseudonym and used it to make a contribution to Nixon’s rival for the 1972 Republican nomination on behalf of the Young Socialist Alliance.

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