does roger stone have a nixon tattoo

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  • What is Roger Stone鈥檚 Tattoo?

  • Stone Has a Nixon Tattoo Likes to Show Off His Nixon Bong Roger Stone has a black and white tattoo of Richard Nixon鈥檚 face on his back; he got it done at the Ink Monkey tattoo shop in Venice Beach. 鈥淲omen love it,鈥?Stone told the New Yorker, boasting about his tattoo.

  • Why did Donald Stone get Nixon鈥檚 Tattoo?

  • Stone told MSNBC鈥檚 Chris Hayes that he admired Nixon鈥檚 resilience and that the tattoo was a daily reminder that 鈥渨hen you get knocked down, when things don`t go your way, when you`re defeated, you got to get up and fight again.

  • Who is Roger Stone and Richard Nixon?

  • Stone is a long-time associate of Donald Trump. But after his arrest, some analysts started to dig into Stone鈥檚 connections to Richard Nixon. Here鈥檚 what you need to know about Roger Stone and Richard Nixon:

  • How did Roger Stone get involved in politics?

  • Stone’s admiration for Nixon is nearly as old as his career in Washington. At 19, having moved to D.C. and becoming fascinated by politics, Stone took on a pseudonym and used it to make a contribution to Nixon’s rival for the 1972 Republican nomination on behalf of the Young Socialist Alliance.

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