does hot stone massage burns

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  • Why do my massage stones Burn my client?

  • Also, burns can happen when the water is too hot, so be sure you have a thermometer you can calibrate to properly monitor the temperature of the water you鈥檙e using to heat your stones. When using hot stones, massage therapists need to be sure there is some type of material between the stone and the client鈥檚 skin.

  • What are the benefits of hot stone therapy?

  • Hot stone therapy feels like a warm hug in a safe place. Stresses take a back seat while your massage therapist works your muscles. Hot stone therapy can also help with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Regular massage benefits you long after the massage is over.

  • Can I use the stone during a massage?

  • For example, using the stone during a massage is different than placing a hot stone on the spine, and you need to take this difference into consideration when heating your stones. Massaging with hot stones, for example, will raise the core temperature of a stone, sometimes rapidly.

  • What are the side effects of hot stone massage?

  • Side Effects of Hot Stone Massage Hot stone massage is great for relaxing a painful, achy body but can lead to discomfort and injury when not done properly. … that black basalt stones are used hot for relieving pains and white marble stones are used cold for reducing swelling.

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