does hot stone massage burns

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  • Why do my massage stones Burn my client?

  • Also, burns can happen when the water is too hot, so be sure you have a thermometer you can calibrate to properly monitor the temperature of the water you鈥檙e using to heat your stones. When using hot stones, massage therapists need to be sure there is some type of material between the stone and the client鈥檚 skin.

  • What are the benefits of hot stone massages?

  • Using the stones after hot baths for both their heat and cooling benefits. Modern hot stone massage in the Western world involves a combination of Swedish massage techniques and the application of hot stones. The combination of which gives the client a wide range of health benefits offered by both treatments.

  • Can I use the stone during a massage?

  • For example, using the stone during a massage is different than placing a hot stone on the spine, and you need to take this difference into consideration when heating your stones. Massaging with hot stones, for example, will raise the core temperature of a stone, sometimes rapidly.

  • What happens if you heat a Massage Stone too much?

  • While most trained therapist are careful, there is a chance of the stone heating too much. This can lead to burns, scalding and tissue damage. Complicating the matter further is the fact that some people might be more sensitive to heat and pressure than others, especially those with Type 1 skin type as per the Fitzpatrick Scale.

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