does curtis stone own jersey mike’s

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  • Who is the owner of Jersey Mike’s?

  • In 1987, Peter began franchising. He changed the name from Mike’s Subs to Jersey Mike’s Subs to capture the authenticity of where the authentic sub sandwich was born. Today, Peter Cancro is CEO of Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems Inc., overseeing more than 2,000 locations open and under development.

  • What does Jersey Mike鈥檚 do to help the community?

  • This year, Jersey Mike鈥檚 held a sub fundraiser which raised $361,533 to support food banks in areas hit hard by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Not only that; but crews, managers and local owners made thousands of sub sandwiches to donate to firemen, EMS, first responders and people in need. 8. Jersey Mike鈥檚 roast beef is cooked right in each store.

  • What are the different sizes of subs at Jersey Mike鈥檚?

  • Subs come in three sizes, including the Mini (which feeds 1), the Regular, Wrap, or Tub (which feeds 2) and the Giant (which feeds 4). 4. By 2016, Jersey Mike鈥檚 had become the United State鈥檚 fastest growing restaurant chain for three years in a row.

  • Who is Curtis Stone and what is his brand Curtis Stone?

  • In 2015, Stone partnered with Target Australia to create a new line of affordable cookware. The Curtis Stone Collection included 80 pieces designed to be within everyone’s budget, and he told The City Lane his inspiration came from the time he spent in cooking in a range of home kitchens for his show.

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