does cold stone do rolled ice cream

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  • What is the best stone for ice cream?

  • Granite is incredibly heat resistant, along with being pretty much impossible to chip or scratch, so it makes it a perfect candidate to embrace and keep the cold, providing a slab of literal cold stone for ice cream to be mixed on. When you order a treat at Cold Stone Creamery, you’re not just getting a scoop with candy or fruit poured on top.

  • Can you mix and go ice cream at Cold Stone?

  • Absolutely! Just drop by a Cold Stone Creamery near you and order one of our Mix Go containers. We鈥檒l fill it to the brim with your favorite ice cream and mix-ins and you鈥檙e ready to go. Visit our Mix Go page for more details.

  • What is the history of cold stone ice cream?

  • Cold Stone ice cream was different from the beginning. Donald and Susan Sutherland traveled around the world in search of the perfect ice cream and founded Cold Stone Creamery back in 1988. The first location was in Tempe, AZ, where they began serving their unique recipe, which falls between a hard-packed ice cream and soft serve. 2.

  • What kind of cakes does Cold Stone make?

  • As it turns out, just like its ice cream, Cold Stone makes all of its ice cream cakes, ice cream cupcakes, cookie sandwiches, and pies on site. You can choose yellow, red velvet, or devil’s food cake and add in ice cream and mix-ins, and an on-site decorator will make the ultimate cake for you.

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