do tonsil stones make your throat hurt

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  • Can tonsil stones cause bad breath and sore throat?

  • This is because the existing tonsil stones can again cause sore throat again due to the accumulating problem. Thus in order to completely end your problem of bad breath, tonsil stones and sore throat, everything, you need to do these 3 things. Initially, Heal the sore throat by killing bacteria.

  • Are tonsil stones and ear pain interrelated?

  • Tonsil stones generally give out a number of symptoms such as a heavy bad breath, feeling of something stuck, metallic taste etc. But another most common and severe symptom of tonsil stones is its severe ear pain. Yes, Tonsil stones and ear pain are interrelated. Now you may get a doubt.. 鈥淢y Tonsil stones are in the throat?

  • What are the signs of tonsil stones?

  • Your tonsils, in response to the bacteria, also might create some sort of liquid that coats your throat, which also can cause bad breath. If you鈥檙e having trouble swallowing, that also is another sign of tonsil stones.

  • Why are my tonsils sore from the inside to the outside?

  • You see, when all that bacteria builds up in these stones on your tonsils, it irritates the back of your throat and causes the soreness. The stones themselves can become rather large (as we鈥檝e mentioned before), which can cause the soreness as they rub against the back of your throat.

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