do tonsil stones make your throat hurt

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  • Can tonsil stones cause bad breath and sore throat?

  • This is because the existing tonsil stones can again cause sore throat again due to the accumulating problem. Thus in order to completely end your problem of bad breath, tonsil stones and sore throat, everything, you need to do these 3 things. Initially, Heal the sore throat by killing bacteria.

  • Can sinus infection cause tonsil stones?

  • So the truth is that the sinus infection which caused tonsil stones is showing up its bad symptoms on you. The symptoms include the runny/stuffy nose, headaches, sore throat making you completely sick. See Are your Tonsil stones because of Post nasal drip? Do this Now

  • What happens when tonsil stones get big?

  • Slowly the tonsil stones size increases along with the accumulation of bacteria and virus. This accumulation slowly starts spreading and affecting the other parts. Eventually, you will start experiencing throat problems like sore throat, ear problems, neck problems and many more.

  • Why does my throat hurt when I have tonsillitis?

  • Your tonsils are located at the beginning of your throat so there is a good chance that your throat will hurt if you have tonsillitis. I can tell you several symptoms of tonsillitis so you can conclude if you really have this condition.

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