do stone breaker pills work

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  • Does stone breaker really work?

  • As claimed by the producer Stone Breaker is a very effective herbal medicine. It prevents calcium oxalate crystals from been formed around the kidneys. The ingredients found in it are used to lower blood sugar, fight harmful bacteria and fungus from been build up in the body.

  • How to use Stonebreaker for herbal treatment?

  • Gonorrhea: Drink 50 ml juice of Stone breaker with clarified butter in an empty stomach. Liver Diseases: Stonebreaker is effective in case of fatty liver. Consume 40 g of Stonebreaker herb once a day. Scabies: Crush the dried seeds of Stonebreaker and add water to make a paste. Apply it over the affected area.

  • Why is it called stone breaker?

  • Or, very commonly known in English, as Stone Breaker. It’s because it has been used as an effective remedy to eliminate gallstones, kidney stones, and other kidney disorders.

  • Is stone breaker Good for high blood sugar?

  • The high phenolic content of Stone Breaker has shown antioxidant activity, which has been found to support balanced blood sugar and normal blood pressure This has created excitement about the potential of Stone Breaker during times of distress. In one study researchers noted that Stone Breaker engages an enhanced antioxidant defense system.

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