do gua sha stone work

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  • What is Gua Sha and how does it work?

  • The action of rubbing the stone across the skin is thought to activate certain acupressure points and to relieve tension. Skin care enthusiasts who tout the benefits of gua sha for their skin care routine claim that it sculpts the face and is almost like an alternative to Botox.

  • Was Gua Sha practiced in the Stone Age?

  • It鈥檚 often said that gua sha has been practiced since ancient times. And that might be true 鈥?ancient people definitely had the technology to perform gua sha. Many cultures outside of China (like Ancient Greece) have practiced skin scraping as a medicinal technique. But we couldn鈥檛 find any hard evidence that gua sha was practiced in the stone age.

  • Can you use gua sha on wound skin?

  • Aileen Teng, the founder of Probeau Wellness, a Singapore-based clinic that specializes in gua sha facials among other skincare treatments, cautioned against practicing gua sha on wounds, sunburnt spots, and sensitive skin. She also recommended applying lotion to your face before gua sha to avoid leaving marks on the skin.

  • What are Gua Sha tools made of?

  • In addition to the varying shapes, you’ll notice gua sha tools are made from an assortment of material types, including rose quartz, turquoise, jade, obsidian, glass, or even wood. The idea is that each stone serves a unique healing purpose.

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