do curling stones have lights

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  • Why do curling stones have lights on them?

  • Why do curling stones have lights on them? The lights are used to indicate hog line violations. The hog line is the thick line running across the sheet 15 feet out from the house. The rock must be released from the shooter’s hand before the rock reaches the hog line.

  • What do the lights on the ice mean in curling?

  • In the official rules of curling, as set by the World Curling Federation, those lights are known as electronic hog line devices. Their job is simple. They ensure, with electronic precision, that the stone was released before crossing the hog line: the red line on the ice marking the point where teams must release the stones or incur a penalty.

  • What happens if you release a curling stone too late?

  • Constantini realized she had made an error when a red light flashed as she released the stone. Each curling stone is equipped with a heat sensor that can sense if a player releases the stone too late – past the hogline – for a violation. So, stones have batteries to power the sensor.

  • What is curling and how does it work?

  • The popular winter sport sees a large, round and flat stone pushed across the ice, with curlers using brooms to brush the ice ahead of the curling stone in order to ensure its speed and direction leads it to a circular target.

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