can you wash ooni pizza stone

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  • How do you clean an Ooni pizza stone?

  • After rinsing your ooni pizza stone down, be sure to leave it to fully dry before getting it up to temperature in the oven. Pizza stones are slightly porous and if there is moisture left in the stone, it may cause it to crack. However, the best time to clean the stone is when it is up to temperature.

  • How do you clean an Ooni 3?

  • The most important part to get clean on the ooni 3 is the shield that surrounds the top of the pizza, guiding the flames across the pizza. The pizza oven I have is an early version of the ooni 3 (it was called uuni back then!). Fortunately, I can remove this part to give it a good clean (see picture below).

  • Can you put a pizza stone in the oven?

  • When you want to use the pizza stone, make sure to place it in the oven before turning the oven on. Also, be sure to allow the stone to cool before removing it. The other problem with removing the stone from the oven each time is storage. You should ensure to rest the stone on a flat surface, and not to place any items on top of it.

  • Can you use a brush to clean an Ooni oven?

  • This enables you to clean multiple surfaces of your oven at once. It also makes it much easier when cleaning the chimney. Using a brush with bristles on one side makes cleaning an Ooni pizza oven a bit trickier. How do you clean an OONI 3?

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