can you put stone veneer on drywall

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Should not be installed over drywall;

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  • Can you put stone directly on drywall?

  • Stone can be installed directly over other stable hard surfaces such as masonry, concrete blocks or brick, but may require a skim coat of mortar to even out the surface. Do not install stone directly on drywall or over painted surfaces. This will ensure greater strength in holding the heavy stone in place on the wall.

  • Should I use drywall or stone veneer for my project?

  • Both are fantastic applications for stone veneer, but if the space is being remodeled, or even in the case of most new construction projects, drywall will likely be what鈥檚 currently in place because it鈥檚 inexpensive, easy, and prevalent in all other areas of the house. Fear not if the drywall has got your DIY stone veneer project at a standstill!

  • Do you need backer board for brick veneer?

  • Regular stone requires backer board, but you can apply stone veneer directly to most surfaces, including drywall, concrete or brick. Can you install brick veneer over plywood?

  • Can stone veneer be installed on concrete?

  • First and foremost, the answer to that question is no, without any exceptions or conditions. There are a number of suitable substrates for installing stone veneer, all of which are cementitious based, such as cement board, brick, block, or a wooden substrate that has been prepared with a metal lath and masonry scratch coat.

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