can you pee if you have kidney stones

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  • Can kidney stones cause urinary problems?

  • An obstruction by a kidney stone doesn鈥檛 only cause pain. It can create a variety of pee problems. As the stone moves further down the urinary tract close to the bladder, you may feel more urgency to go more often and feel pain when you pee.

  • What does it mean when you pee blood with kidney stones?

  • For example, blood, protein, or white blood cells in pee may indicate injury, inflammation, or infection of the kidneys, and glucose in the urine may be an indication of diabetes. Once your health care provider finds out why you are forming stones, he or she will give you tips on how to prevent them.

  • How to know if you have kidney stones?

  • 7 Signs Your Pee Problems Are Actually Kidney Stones 1 Pain In Your Back, Belly, Or Side. 2 Burning When You Pee. 3 Bloody Urine. 4 Constantly Having To Pee Little Drops. 5 Nausea And Vomiting. 6 … (more items)

  • What does it mean when you smell urine with kidney stones?

  • Kidney stones are born out of the crystallization of concentrated minerals in your pee. Concentrated urine is darker, cloudier and stinkier 鈥?similar to when you鈥檙e dehydrated. The strong odor is often compared to ammonia, but it鈥檚 more likely that the smell stems from a urinary tract infection than a kidney stone.

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