can you get tonsil stones from oral

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  • Can tonsillitis cause tonsil stones?

  • Long-term tonsillitis can lead to scarring on the tonsils. This makes people more susceptible to tonsil stones, as the former infection and scar tissue can leave holes. These holes create additional areas for debris, food, and bacteria to become lodged, which in turn, can result in an increase in tonsil stones.

  • Can tonsil stones cause dry mouth?

  • A lack of hydration, Coffee, alcohol, and even the type of mouthwash you use can all contribute to a dry mouth. Small tonsil stones do not usually cause any severe symptoms other than bad breath.

  • Is it safe to remove tonsil stones at home?

  • It is not recommended to remove tonsil stones at home, you may risk damaging the tonsil glands and worsening the condition. Medical procedures for tonsil stone removal include: Antibiotics: Oral bacteria contributes to the growth of tonsil stones and can even lead to infection.

  • Do tonsil stones smell bad?

  • Tonsil stones often smell bad and can make your tonsils swell. What Causes Tonsil Stones? To understand what causes tonsil stones, it helps to know what tonsils look like.

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