can you get tonsil stones from oral

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  • What are the causes of tonsil stones?

  • a) Candida and balance disruption is causing your Tonsil stones: I have already told, if the balance between yeast and good bacteria is disrupted, this results in the excess growth of bacteria and tonsil stones. So, in simple the good bacteria disruption is the real cause for your tonsil stones.

  • Can you pass bacteria from tonsil stones to another person?

  • However, you can pass bacteria from your oral microbiome to another person鈥檚 by kissing or sharing utensils. Since tonsil stones are related to the health of your oral bacteria, kissing or sharing utensils with someone who has tonsil stones may risk sharing the microbial culprits.

  • Is it uncomfortable to live with tonsil stones?

  • It鈥檚 uncomfortable to live with tonsil stones. The most frequently reported symptoms of tonsil stones are chronic bad breath and a feeling of being unable to swallow. They can also cause pain in the ears or throat, trouble swallowing, a cough, and other symptoms in the ear, nose, and throat.

  • Are tonsil stones and oral thrush linked?

  • Tonsil stones result in more and more bacteria accumulation, which can permanently damage the good bacteria balance in your mouth. Moreover, the combination of candida oral thrush and tonsil stones produces terrible problems that are completely unbearable to anyone.

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