can you become fluent using rosetta stone

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  • Will Rosetta Stone make you fluent in a language?

  • Will Rosetta Stone make you fluent in a language? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Rosetta Stone will not make you fluent in a foreign language. Rosetta Stone simply does not teach nearly enough vocabulary to get you fluent. Using Rosetta Stone, you will reach a very basic proficiency.

  • Is Rosetta Stone good for beginners?

  • Rosetta Stone is designed for beginners and casual language learners. If you鈥檙e more experienced or serious than either of those two groups of people you probably won鈥檛 get much out of the product. Rosetta Stone is especially useful to people who have no experience learning a foreign language.

  • How many levels are there in Rosetta Stone language courses?

  • Rosetta Stone language courses are offered in levels. The more popular languages like Spanish and French have 5 levels but less popular languages will have 3 or 4. Typically you can purchase 1 level at a time or save money per level by buying a bundle of 3 or more.

  • Is Rosetta a good way to learn Spanish?

  • Even though polyglots harp on the course, Rosetta is popular among people who have never learned a language before. This makes sense since the courses are designed and marketed for absolute beginners with no experience in foreign languages. I took Spanish for four years long ago.

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