can tonsil stones cause ear infection

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  • Can tonsil stones cause ear ache?

  • There are nerve pathways on the tonsil, throat that are leading to the ear. Thus if a tonsil stone on the tonsil touches this nerve of the ear, your ear will start to ache. Thus, the tonsil stones even being in your throat, start causing a severe ear pain.

  • Can tonsil stones cause strep throat?

  • Moreover, the presence of tonsils and tonsil stones can accumulate bacteria like the strep, and various other pathogens. Thus the presence of numerous bacteria near your throat and tonsils can lead to a number of problems like sore throat, strep throat and sometimes even tonsillitis.

  • What is the connection between tonsils and ear infections?

  • Interestingly enough, one of the results of having a bacterial infection with the tonsils or throat can also lead to ear infections. Ear infections are caused by bacteria in the middle ear, creating swelling or congestion of the nasal passages, Eustachian tubes, or the throat where fluid is trapped. How are these three ailments related?

  • How to get rid of ear and tonsil stones quickly?

  • Thus if you are feeling severe pain, you can try lozenges that reduce the pain in both ear and tonsil areas. See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight? Studies prove that warm liquids tend to relieve any pain caused in ear and throat. Thus taking a warm tea gives a relief to your aching ear.

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