can tonsil stones be hard

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  • What does it mean when your tonsils are hard?

  • Remember a tonsil stone is hard when it is completely formed. It indicates that the soft debris which was acted upon by bacteria hardened to finally become a solid calcium stone. In general, many people tend to find that they have tonsil stone during this stage as the stone is clearly visible in one鈥檚 tonsils.

  • Are tonsil stones just a one off?

  • Once your tonsils have the holes and crevices its really hard to keep the stones from forming so it might not just be a 1 off type of deal. I never had tonsil stones in my 23 years of life, then one day I saw one and took it out.

  • Why do I feel like my tonsil stone is soft?

  • But the fact is that many times even the hard tonsil stones are covered by the mucus-like coating. Thus this mucus like thing can make you feel that your tonsil stone is soft and is still in stage 1 It is a known fact that soft debris like stones are easier to remove than hard ones.

  • How to avoid tonsil stones when you鈥檙e sick?

  • Your best bet to avoid getting tonsil stones while you鈥檙e sick is to try to keep your sinuses as clear as possible. Utilize warm salt water gargles, humidifiers, decongestants and anything else that will loosen up your mucus. 4. You Changed Up Your Diet

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