can taking vitamin d cause kidney stones

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  • Can too much calcium and vitamin D cause kidney stones?

  • 1 Long-term calcium and vitamin D supplement usage is associated with excessive calcium levels. … 2 And high levels of calcium can result in kidney stones. According to Gallagher, hypercalciuria can contribute to kidney stones, he explained in a statement. 3 Calcium and vitamin D are some of the most common supplements taken in the U.S. …

  • Does vitamin D affect urinary calcium excretion?

  • Since vitamin D may increase kidney stone formation through an increase in urine calcium excretion, the evaluation of urinary calcium excretion after vitamin D supplementation is a major concern. Only two studies investigated the effect of nutritional vitamin D on urinary calcium excretion on a prospective basis [70,71].

  • Is 25-hydroxyvitamin D high in kidney stones?

  • In addition, recent meta-analyses have highlighted that 25-hydroxyvitamin D serum levels are higher in kidney stone patients affected by hypercalciuria and kidney stones [15,16]. These observations should sound a warning, especially in clinical settings where a vitamin D supplement benefit has not been established.

  • Is vitamin D therapy effective for kidney stone formers?

  • The effect of nutritional vitamin D use in stone formers is still not clear. As vitamin D deficiency is highly prevalent among stone formers, future prospective studies are needed to establish the biological effect, as well as the safety and efficacy of nutritional vitamin D therapy in this unique p 鈥?Vitamin D and kidney stone disease

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