can taking vitamin d cause kidney stones

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When the dose of vitamin D is high, itcan give rise to the development of kidney stones. Most adults require only daily intake of 600 International Units of vitamin D with a slight increase in the dosage in older adults. A dosage above this can be dangerous for those individuals who are more prone to producing kidney stones.

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  • Does vitamin D affect the excretion of kidney stones?

  • Actually, vitamin D metabolism influences urinary calcium excretion, but all kidney stones are not calcium-dependent.

  • Does calcium supplementation cause kidney stones?

  • Some randomized controlled studies have reported an increased risk of kidney stones as an adverse event resulting from the administration of vitamin D associated with calcium supplementation [12,13].

  • Is 25-hydroxyvitamin D high in kidney stones?

  • In addition, recent meta-analyses have highlighted that 25-hydroxyvitamin D serum levels are higher in kidney stone patients affected by hypercalciuria and kidney stones [15,16]. These observations should sound a warning, especially in clinical settings where a vitamin D supplement benefit has not been established.

  • Does vitamin D increase the risk of calcium deposits in urine?

  • But in a situation where vitamin D is more it leads to increased intestinal absorption of calcium causing excessive calcium to enter the urine. So, when vitamin D and calcium put in their combined effort to promote bone health, similarly they work together to increase the risk of calcium deposits in urine.

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