can protein shakes give you kidney stones

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Energy Bars and Protein ShakesCan Cause Kidney StonesAlthough my personal experience is a non-scientific study of ONE, consumers of protein shakes and energy bars should be aware that these convenient edibles can increase your risk for kidney disease and/or kidney stone formation (uric stones). There are more than one type of kidney stone.

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  • Are protein shakes bad for your kidneys?

  • Specifically, excessive protein consumption from protein shakes may have negative effects on your kidneys. One potential side effect of excess protein from overusing protein drinks is an increased risk of kidney stones.

  • Does a high protein diet increase the risk of kidney stones?

  • What we do know is that high protein diets increase the risk of kidney stones. Research has shown that putting subjects on a low carbohydrate, high protein diet (mostly animal protein), increases the risk of kidney stones significantly ( 2 ).

  • Can vegan protein powder cause kidney stones?

  • Most vegan protein powder is relatively low in oxalate. Let me try to sum up what we went over, because it was a lot: Of all the many potential causes of kidney stones, vegan protein powder can really only be involved in 2 of them: protein consumption, and oxalate consumption.

  • Are high-protein drinks bad for your kidneys?

  • Although the research shows that using high-protein drinks doesn’t have a significant, long-term effect on healthy kidneys, a July 2013 report in ISRN Nutrition explains that too much protein may increase your risk of developing kidney stones.

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