can kidney stones cause bilirubin in urine

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  • What is bilirubin in urine?

  • Bilirubin is a yellowish to brownish pigment found in the bile and produced by the liver. It is a by-product of the breakdown of red blood cells. A normal healthy body can pass out the body during the digestive process…. Home Diseases General Health Surgery About Us Menu Home Diseases and Conditions Bilirubin in Urine Bilirubin in Urine

  • What happens when your bilirubin is high?

  • When the un-conjugated Bilirubin is on the higher level, your blood serum will contain Bilirubin more than the normal range, mostly because of the non-functioning of the liver. Henceforth, jaundice also increases. Some of the usual symptoms include; The dark yellow color of urine

  • What causes high bilirubin in urine with no cancer?

  • Benign Causes of Bilirubin in Urine. 鈥淐auses of bilirubin in the urine include hepatocellular [liver] dysfunction and any cause of bile duct obstruction [which, unfortunately, can include cancer of the bile ducts, gallbladder, liver, pancreas and metastases from distant primary cancers].鈥?

  • Can gallstones cause changes in urine color?

  • Changes in urine color (tea or cola-colored urine) is the only urinary symptoms associated with complicated gallstones. Gallstones don鈥檛 lead to other urinary symptoms such as burning urine or increased urine frequency. 3. Gallstones and kidney function. Gallstones can affect the kidney by one of three mechanisms.

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