can keto cause kidney stones

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  • Can the ketogenic diet cause kidney stones?

  • There are several sources that claim that the ketogenic diet can cause kidney stones. Most sources claim that it鈥檚 the high protein content on the ketogenic diet that鈥檚 responsible for kidney stone formation. However, the ketogenic diet is not high protein 鈥?it鈥檚 high fat.

  • Can oxalate cause kidney stones on keto?

  • It causes stones formation in the human kidney. If you drink or eat calcium-rich in your ketogenic diet at the same time, then there are more chances of having kidney stones on keto. Taking calcium-rich food helps your body can handle oxalate without converting it to a kidney stone. [ 1]

  • Can a keto diet improve kidney function?

  • Meanwhile, a low carb keto diet reduces LDL cholesterol 鈥?which improves kidney function. Studies have proven that a low carb, high protein diet can decrease the rate of mortality in people with chronic kidney disease by decreasing LDL, HDL and insulin levels[*][*][*].

  • What increases my risk for kidney stones?

  • Not drinking enough water, or losing too much water can increase your risk for kidney stones. Fluids are needed to move minerals and wastes through your kidneys. If you are dehydrated, then your kidneys will hold on to too many minerals and stones could form.

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