can holding pee cause kidney stones

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  • Do You Hold Your pee when you have kidney stones?

  • People who are prone to kidney stones and who, for whatever reason, are prone to holding their pee, should take note. The consequences of kidney stones can be very serious. Kidney stones are tiny 鈥渟tones鈥?that form in the kidneys as a result of excess sodium or calcium.

  • What happens if you hold your urine too long?

  • Kidney Stones 鈥?Another condition that can form from holding your urine is kidney stones, which are solid crystals formed in the kidney. Many individuals do not know they have kidney stones until they have painful urination which is bloody and may be accompanied by nausea.

  • What are kidney stones and what causes them?

  • Kidney stones are formed when waste products in in the blood form crystals and develop over time. They are more common if you don’t drink enough liquids and if you hold in your pee too often. Most kidney stones are small enough to be passed out – albeit painfully – in your wee, but some may require surgery to remove them.

  • What are the health problems associated with holding your Pee?

  • Problems that Can Arise from Holding Your Pee 1 Holding your pee can cause kidney stones. People who are prone to kidney stones and who,… 2 Cystitis. This is a problem that primarily affects women. 3 Swelling of the bladder… 4 Other adverse effects. So, to avoid health problems,…

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