can drinking alcohol cause kidney stones

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In short:no. Alcohol does not cause kidney stones. In fact, some studies have shown that drinking alcohol is actually protective against kidney stones. One study followed 45,000 men for 6 years. They found that people who drank 8oz of wine had a 39% reduced risk of developing kidney stones.

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  • Does drinking alcohol reduce the risk of kidney stones?

  • This study also found that people who drank wine had a 59% reduced risk of kidney stones. No significant effect was seen with beer or liquor. ( 2) Does this mean we should all start drinking alcohol to reduce kidney stones!? Of course not.

  • What other kidney issues are associated with alcohol/drinking?

  • What Other Kidney Issues are Associated with Alcohol/Drinking? Kidney stones are hard clumps of waste made up of chemicals in the urine. Stones are most commonly made of calcium oxalate and the concentration of these salts increases when the body is dehydrated. Symptoms of kidney stones usually involve severe pain and may include: 1 and more.

  • What increases my risk for kidney stones?

  • According to Johns Hopkins University, obesity, whether mild or severe, can drastically increase an individual鈥檚 risk for kidney stones. Consuming alcohol can result in weight gain, which could put a person on the road to obesity, thereby increasing their risk for kidney stones. Alcohol abuse over a long period…

  • What drinks cause kidney stones?

  • However, some drinks can be harmful to kidney stone patients or to those who do not have kidney stones yet. some other drinks that cause kidney stones are: Particularly iced tea and black tea causes kidney stones, as the oxalate found in black tea and iced tea, produces calcium oxalate stone.

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