are ryan gosling and emma stone dating

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  • Is Emma Stone in a relationship with Ryan Gosling?

  • Emma Stone Gets Emotional About Her Close Relationship With Ryan Gosling. Emma Stone isn鈥檛 shy when it comes to sharing just how important Ryan Gosling is to her. The Oscar-winner attended the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado where she was honored for her prestigious career.

  • Is Eva Mendes married to Ryan Gosling?

  • Gosling has been married to Eva Mendes for going on ten years now, and there鈥檚 no splitting them up. Stone, however, has admitted that she can鈥檛 imagine her life without Ryan Gosling because the two of them have turned from on-going co-stars to very good friends.

  • What has Emma Stone been up to since Gangster Squad?

  • Their third film together was 2013’s Gangster Squad. Stone can next be see in The Favourite, in which she plays Abigail Masham, a newcomer to the court of Queen Ann (Olivia Colman) in the early 18th century. She soon finds herself vying for the Queen’s favor with her own cousin Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz), leading to mayhem.

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