are kidney stones painful for women

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  • Do kidney stones cause pain?

  • The stones only cause pain if they are causing some obstruction, otherwise, you will barely feel any pain. On a scale of 1-10, pain from kidney stones tends to be on the higher numbers and cause the patient discomfort. It even gets worse when the stones cause a blockage on the tube that connects the kidney and ureter.

  • What are the symptoms of kidney stones in women?

  • Frequently feeling the need to urinate is another common symptom. Women with kidney stones who feel this usually do not actually have to urinate. This sensation occurs when the kidney stone passes into the duct that carries urine outside of the body, known as the ureter.

  • How painful is passing a kidney stone compared to childbirth?

  • She reported: The pain of passing a kidney stone is worse than childbirth. The pain is like taking a knife to your gut from the inside. For me, child labor was short (a mere 4-5 hours), while kidney stone pain lasted 8-12 hours on average or more.

  • Are kidney stones more common in men or women?

  • Although kidney stones are more common in men, women do suffer from this condition. Kidney stone symptoms in women are usually very similar to, or the same as, kidney stone symptoms in men.

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