are faux stone panels waterproof

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  • What are the different types of faux bathroom wall panels?

  • Faux stone shower walls, natural brick accent walls, ceramic tiling and beyond 鈥?there are a variety of material options for your bathroom dcor: Water Resistant Faux Bathroom Wall Panels Available in Brick, Stone, Wood More!

  • What is the difference between natural stone and faux stone?

  • Faux stone panels are ready to be installed out of the box, while natural stone requires intensive preparation and the tools and skills of a mason. Because you can get to work right away, many faux stone projects can be completed in a day鈥檚 work.

  • What size faux wall panels do I Need?

  • Our faux wall panels are 2鈥?x 4鈥?and the lightweight design allows them to be easily cut to fit any space. By taking a few measurements to determine the square footage, you can use our Material Needs Calculator to get an estimate of the number of panels you鈥檒l need. You can also contact one of our design specialists for assistance.

  • What is genstone faux stone veneer?

  • The molds are proprietary to GenStone which is why no other faux stone on the market looks as authentic in texture and color as GenStone faux stone veneer. Extreme pressure is applied to the raw material and the mold, which results in a highly dense, realistic-looking finished faux stone panel.

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