are diabetics more prone to kidney stones

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  • Are people with diabetes at higher risk of kidney stones?

  • The primary reason people with diabetes are at higher risk of kidney stones is that they tend to have more acid in their urine. ( 5) Type 2 Diabetes is characterized by insulin resistance, or the inability to use insulin effectively.

  • Can insulin resistance cause kidney stones?

  • Insulin resistance from diabetes (when your cells stop responding to insulin) can raise the levels of calcium in your urine. That can make kidney stones more likely. When you have type 2 diabetes, high levels of insulin can make your urine more acidic. That could lead to a special type of kidney stones called uric acid stones.

  • Can kidney disease be prevented in people with diabetes?

  • Ultimately, the best way to prevent kidney disease is to prevent type 2 diabetes, because nearly 40 percent of people with diabetes will develop kidney disease. Q: Is there anything else that health care professionals should know about kidney disease in people with diabetes?

  • What causes kidney disease in people with diabetes?

  • Kidney disease in people with diabetes is caused by multiple factors, including diabetic changes in the kidneys as well as vascular changes due to hypertension. People with diabetes have high glycemia, or blood glucose, which can damage the kidneys and lead to kidney disease.

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