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Pure diamonds

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  • What is a green stone called?

  • The green semi-precious stones are composed of several minerals, including jadeite and albite feldspar, hence the other name of the green gemstones, jade-albite. The semiprecious green stones are exclusively found in Myanmar (Burma).

  • What is green Moonstone?

  • Green Moonstone Properties Green Moonstone is a circular gemstone which occurs as a rounded green crystal and is also found with shades and strokes of blue, pink, peach, white, or gray. This stone is found in huge reserves in the United States of America, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Burma, and Madagascar.

  • What is an emerald stone?

  • Exclusively green stones, emeralds are part of a group of minerals called beryl, which is also available in yellow, black and red. The name emerald comes from the Greek smaragdos, which literally means 鈥済reen gem.鈥?The precious green stones are prone to inclusions, as well as surface fissures.

  • What is the difference between a sapphire and a green stone?

  • While sapphires are best known for being blue, like several other gemstones, they come in a variety of colours, including green. Green stones very rarely reach full saturation of colours, but sapphires do, and are amongst the world鈥檚 most durable gemstones.

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